Keeyan Nejad

keeyan on some rocks

I'm a tech enthusiast who is perusing a career in computer sciences, Studying at the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland. I started my journey to becoming a computer scientist years ago when I taught myself how to make websites.

I spend my free time learning various programming languages in order to have a solid understanding of programming and app development. I also spend a lot of time tinkering with electronics and altering my computer. The skills I acquire are put to use by developing my fathers website, by making apps for android devices and on microcontroller projects. An example of a microcontroller project is the robotic vehicle I made together with a couple of my classmates at high school in early 2015.

My hobbies other than playing around with tech, are exploring, travelling, rock climbing, hiking and camping, snowboarding Parkour and swimming. I am also ambitious to learn professional scuba diving for exploring ship wrecks and the depths of the ocean.

I have various ideas for apps and programs, from simple games, to apps designed to help one study. Eventually I hope to collaborate with other programmers, to help create free open source software. My dream is to utilise my passions to create apps and programs then eventually create high end smartphones and tablets with there own operating system.