Faris Nejad


Faris Nejad was born and raised in Tehran, Iran, in the 1960s. He received his secondary education in an international high school in a mountain village in the foot hills of the Himalayan Mountain in India and completed his graduate studies in sociology in the American College of Greece in Athens. He traveled to the East Coast of the USA attending Montclair State University of New Jersey obtaining a Masters degree in Social and Political Sciences. During the course of his formal education he worked in the fields of construction and catering.

He has worked for the United Nations and Amnesty International in their offices in Athens and San Francisco and as one of the directors of the Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture in London. In England he chaired and founded several public and private interpreting and translation organizations and also created training programs for public sector social workers dealing with refugee families. He has had a number of written contributions in international press writing on social and political issues as well as travel and leisure.

He has three sons and currently lives in a farm in Greece sharing life with his horses, dogs, cats, iguana, rabbits, parrots and other birds. He has continued his interest in construction and runs a real estate company. He speaks Persian, English, Greek and a bit of Spanish and Urdu. He cooks many more cuisines than he can speak the language.

His hobbies are: Snow boarding, boating, horse riding, farming, cooking, traveling and writing.

Faris has recently published a realistic fiction based on true stories set in Greece dealing with social, economic and political aspects of the current recession in Greece. His novel is based and inspired by current events. The novel is published in Greek and English and due to its popularity is being produced in Greek Braille Code. The novel called, The Curse of the Ancient Greeks, is scheduled to be translated into French, German and Persian in 2017.