Two Dictators And Their Courts

Author: Faris Nejad


In the matter of only 10 days, two of the ‘leaders of the free world’ with clear dictatorial tendencies, who had rejected their court decisions, have been stopped by their higher courts’ judgments.

This is very unprecedented in the history of the free world and is a clear alert for our vulnerable democracies. Interestingly, although they have both (maybe) been appointed to their leadership positions democratically, neither have the majority popular vote of the people whom they are leading.

These leaders if not dictators (yet) in their short period of leadership have demonstrated that they lack the basic leadership characteristics as follows:

-They are both extremely divisive which could potentially lead to the breakup of their nations, especially in the case of Britain.

-Neither respect their judicial systems until exhausting all channels and wasting all available public funds to get their own way.

-In the interest of their narrow targets, do not attend to opinions of independent professional advisors.

-They both use parts of the ideology of democracy selectively and when it serves their purposes.

-Do not take into account or respect large portions of the societies, states or countries that they lead.

-Abuse their executive powers to rush controversial policies that they know would meet resistance from the people they lead or other officials.

-Sacrifice any notions of human rights, political decency and are willing to make partnership with any other dictators for the benefit of their own agendas.

-Recklessly break up long established and beneficial relationship with old partners and neighbors for the benefit of their own ideology.

-Have childlike dreams and unachievable targets, lie and make false promises and appoint officials who believe only in their version of reality in high positions of power.

-Their political party or version of their ideology and world view is more important than their nation and the people they are supposed to serve.

Please feel free to add up to this list without verbal abuse. Thank you.

Faris Nejad (British political scientist)

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