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Do Not Waste Your Votes

Stop, do not waste your votes, for our kids’ sake, wait.

The far left is no different from the far right. In their ideological fight to gain power, neither accounts for the welfare of the people they claim to deliver. They have no respect for the masses and possess the ability to ignore the public’s pain when required. They cherry pick only the parts of democracy, or any philosophy, that serves their own agenda. Worst of all they both support Brexit because Brexit takes them to the position of power that they need.

What the leaders of both major political parties in the UK resent about the EU today is not the alleged Brussels’s interference in UK politics or the question of national sovereignty, it is rather the fact that any form of communal decision making body naturally dilutes the desired ultimate power of the local central authorities and hampers their totalitarian as well as authoritarian tendencies.

Brexit is the ideal market place to sell ideology to the isolated and the suffering. This is why the current leadership of both the major parties in the UK should no longer be trusted. We all have every right to be happy, safe and prosperous with full access to all opportunities for growth. We must be allowed to build our children’s future without depending on any illusive predetermined path and centuries-old political ideologies. 

Say no to political parties that lead us to division and collapse as a society. The mirage is now fully exposed, don’t let them abuse our trust anymore. 

Faris Nejad (British political scientist)
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