Jeremy Corbyn Democracy

Author: Faris Nejad


At this stage Mr. Corbyn the only result we respect is the result of your leadership as opposition, you must know that your immediate resignation will be highly respected because you failed to respect the votes of the majority of your party’s supporters and allowed the opinion of a small minority of the population be hijacked by a small extreme right wing members of the government which you were supposed to professionally, intelligently, democratically and systematically oppose. Frankly, you must know that the British people have trusted you and are paying you to represent them in the parliament and the job of assenting well analysed, negotiated and refined new laws belongs only to the Queen, Jeremy you are an opposition leader not the queen.

Jeremy, we are surprised that as a professional politician and a party leader you don’t even know your basic alphabet of political science. Democracy Jeremy, is not a verb with a past tense that just happens once. If we believe that, we must then ask what happened afterwards, after ‘democracy happened’? Did authoritarianism start next? Did they live happily ever after? No, you see, democracy is an ongoing process it means uninterrupted people’s participation in the political course at all times. We are practising democracy, we did not practice it and finish our job and then went home. That is why we can't say 'we democratised'.

As Blair reminded you, the British people must have the right to practice democracy again and change their mind if they want. The British people, like all others who live in our western democracies, have the right to re-evaluate their opinions, analyse the new realities and consider the forecast of their leader’s actions. This is democracy, to have the right to participate with the democratic process at all times. The right the current generation of Britain do not have is to make a decision for the future generations and by ignoring any new information disfranchise and defuse the public for ever. This would be called authoritarianism not democracy.

Really Jeremy, with opposition leaders like you on our side who needs enemies? With all due respect Mr. Corbyn, you would be respected very much if you take the honourable step of resigning and allowing your party to participate in the democratic process properly; later in your retirement years you can always tell your grandchildren that once in office by allowing the opinion of a misinformed minority to be hijacked by a small right wing gang in the government, granddad ‘democratised’ British politics in 2017, was done and came home.

Faris Nejad (British political scientist)
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