English Notes And Poems

-I wish to become so mature that I would only make new mistakes. Faris 2/10/15

-A good politician is one who gets to the highest position to fight for the smallest of causes.

-Concentrating on things that you are good at can sometimes hold you back from progress because you neglect to do what is necessary but believe you can't do perfectly.

-I try to talk to my kids, they ignore me, then I tell them I sent them an email and they rush to get it. It feels so good, I am a father again.

-You can be for an ideology, you can be against it, but you can't be polite to an ideology. This is what Europe is doing to Islamic law, it is tolerating something that is against their constitution purely for political reasons. This is where democracy stands above logic.

-After moths of fighting, crying, reasoning, discussions with the kids, gifts, promises, amicable and un-amicable negotiations, meetings, agreements, fights, lawyers, courts threats, black mail, and crying, it is finally determined where the children will call home. I live in a farm with only 4 mbps internet speed and their mother has 24 mbps.

-If it wasn't because of tomorrow, I would say I can't love anymore.

-You are the only thing I love more than our relationship.

-In this country, (UK) they call your first name the Christian name and they call Holy Easter , 'Bank Holiday'.

-Worst case scenario, it will last a life time.

-We all lie to each other, we all lie to each other without even knowing it, that is because we use the same terms without giving them the same meaning.

-Tomorrow is too late,...just forget it.

-In order to learn to fight for our rights we should first practice to fight for other people's rights.

-Instead of looking to see if the glass is half full or half empty, you should spend some time to secure the glass and whatever is in it.

-To imagine the sexual relationship with my partner as dictated by the Moslem law makes me want to vomit.

-If all your fantasies stay in your mind, you finish in your pants.

-Animals constantly remind us that we are making mistakes.

-You only see shadows on sunny days.

Pelion Poem

I was born here,
maybe in a small shed next to an olive bark
or on one of the green slopes by the chestnut forest,
I was raised here,
running on the last tired thrust of the waves,
against the gathering of the broken shells,
or on the peak of the snow-capped hill
which is earliest to wake every day,
to the first rays of the sun
slashing through the horizon
I was born and raised here,
It must have been that way....
because the green of the forest is the greenest I know,
It must have been the first green I learnt...
l was raised here
because the blue of the sea is the deepest blue to me
The lush valley must be my mother!
because in her arms I felt the power to rise
and the power to stop, and think and wonder,
The thunder of Pelion's creeks must be the voice of my father,
because in their every gentle drop,
there is the will to crush the rocks,
and always go on!
My first cry,
my first tears,
must have been here,
because all around me is scented with my passions.
The first words that I said,
they must have been a poem,
because the first words I said,
I must have said them here,
I was raised next to my neighbours,
who work on the hills,
in their fields,
all year
every year
and come home one evening
with their basket full of apples,
with their basket full of nuts,
with their basket full of olives,
with their basket full of cherries
to cherish life this year.
They come home one evening
every year
with their basket full of hope
to love life, the next year.
The first time I fell in love,
l don't know, but it must have been here,
maybe she hid our love in the evergreen groves,
or the apple groves,
perhaps she locked it in a stone room
or left it on the beach,
she hid our love somewhere in Pelion,
maybe in a shell decorated with her tear.
My first sorrow must have been here,
leaving the hills,
the creeks,
the valley that to me
are so dear,
The mighty mountain gives me the power not to remember,
that my very first fear was also rooted in here.
The passion of the flowers,
the wonder of the birds,
the hope in every sunrise,
the promise of all the blossoms,
l must have known them all,
the last time I was here.
My first dream, it must have been here,
l must have dreamt to be here,
my first dream that came true,
came true here,
because finally,
for the first time,
I find myself here.
Pelion, Greece 2006

And yet

And yet,
a new hello,
as if you never learned
you look for security
and search for another home
as if for the first time,
you practice a new kiss
and analyze a fresh touch
and then you remember
the ease of building a road
once you reach for another hand
and so, in looking for a flower
in symbolizing a dream
you forget your sunburns
and feel ever stronger
lost in optimism and hope
thoughtfully you pause
is it worth the pain? ...Or shall I ...
with you, you struggle again
and before the match is over
you pick your choice of flower
in symbolizing a dream
you acknowledge the glory of hope
and confess
that there is always more to learn
San Francisco, U.S.A. 1989


Call me a dog, if you ever wan'o make me proud,
Just call me a dog.
Let this busy modern world, have no time for me
\and leave me alone,
I will be running in the woods,
happy in a shade
chewing on a bone,
let me just have what I need
a few bites of food ,
cold spring water
just to get along
Le me bark when I want, cry when I wish Oh, take m take me where I belong
Want'o be honest and not have to think
Want'o to give all day, not ask for a thing
Want'o be loyal just for how I feel
Carless to the ups or even downs of any deal
Want'o have a master whose toch is like the world
Whose smile makes me proud and his look never turns cold
Let me fall in love
With my dogy heart
With my dogy mind
Ignorant of tomorrows,
Lies and games of any kind
Call me a dog, I am a dog, I am dog

November 3rd West Orange NJ 1985