Do not buy umbrellas during a pandemic 20/02/21
    Why should anyone be able to force me not to get wet? It is my body and it is my right to decide if I want to get drenched or not.

The true story behind Trump’s votes 20/11/20
    Seventy million votes is no proof of Trump’s popularity and neither any evidence for his return to the political arena.

The Undivine Journey Of A Heart 2/9/18
    A group of scientists, some with top medical degrees and some based on practice and knowledge, data and facts only, impolitely and unceremoniously, pooled the heart of an ill man out of his body.

Understanding America and the conservative American mentality 25/2/18
    "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun", says the director of the US National Rifle Association, a big Trump fan. If you understand an important aspect of what is wrong with this claim, you are a long way in understanding the faults in American Conservatism.

The Problem With Democracy In Greece 27/09/15
    An expensive tropical plant I had bought myself for my birthday, gradually died in front of my eyes recently.

Welcome To Greece Take Two Living In Greece Property And Home
    This is Greece, the land of sunshine, magical sea views and blue horizons, the land of little clothing, suntan lotions, long days, lazy days, sunglasses and ice cream under the sun.

See Volos Twice Living In Greece Property And Home
    Volos specializes in the Tsipouro. Is it a cocktail? Is it a , spirit? Is it a wine? After the first couple of them you won't even care, says Faris who has chosen Volos as his home town.

Christmas Greece Living In Greece Property And Home
    Christmas in Greece starts with a 4O day fast although this is a tradition that is mainly practiced by the elderly. What is observed by almost all is the Christmas Day celebrations which starts at 4 am at church followed by a Christmas feast, which usually includes a roast suckling pig or a roast turkey.

Trikeri Living In Greece Property And Home
    The hidden island paradise and a natural prison to escape into.

Chickens In Swimming Pools, Potatoes In Olympic Stadiums Published 1/4/2012 Katemerini
    Up to a year ago my son's classmates were driven to their school in some 90,000-euro 4x4s made for off-road excursions. This year, well, things are different...

Who Discovered Pelion Living In Greece Property And Home
    Who discovered Pelion, the Greek Gods, the Persian warriors, the German officers or the Dutch campers?

Getting Killed On The Road Can Ruin Your Entire Holiday Living In Greece Property And Home
    Greece offers one of the safest environments for a relaxing holiday. The Mediterranean, the way of life, the scenery, the people, the mountains, the crystal clear beaches, the food and altogether experiencing and celebrating life the Greek way makes every holiday a memorable one.

And Who Said Greeks Need An Excuse To Celebrate Living In Greece Property And Home
    Anniversary, birthday, name day, Easter, Saint's days, holiday, strike day, new day and even no-day, the truth is Greeks don't really need a reason to celebrate, they always celebrate.

Celebrating Easter Late With The Dead Published 19/5/2006 Athens News
    For most people, cemeteries are sad, depressing places. At least this is how I felt before the Sunday after Easter, when I visited the cemetery of one Greece's northern villages...

Nuclear Memoirs Of An Iranian In Greece Published 16/6/2006 Athens News
    YEARS ago, I lived in a small Midwestern town in the United States, where I had to explain to the few who asked me where I was from that Iran is a country, not a religious group...

From Hollywood To Kathmandu, Blame US Published 11/8/2006 Athens News
    THE PRESIDENT of Venezuela meets his Iranian counterpart at the 7th session of the Assembly of the African Union. And the subject of the meeting is, well...